Extra virgin olive oil with the essence of fresh cut olives…

  • Palate crisp and spicy with almond flavor because our prime green olives are harvested the moment they take their golden green color,
  • Bright green color manifests the rich nutrient density of the product and the treatment in mild conditions,
  • High concentration of polyphenols, oleocanthal and oleacein which contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.

Koroneiki variety ♥ First cold extraction ♥ Excellent organoleptic properties ♥ Low acidity ♥ Fruity nose with hints of tomato leaves and lemon drops

Studies show that koroneiki variety is the richer variety in concentration of polyphenols.

The precious assets of olive oil.
An elixir for longevity and welfare:

  • Protects from heart diseases,
  • Controls cholesterol,
  • Helps the function of liver and bile,
  • Delays the ageing of our body,
  • Improves the absorption of vitamins,
  • Works against peptic ulcer.

Chemical analysis confirms the high quality of our extra virgin olive oil.

See below the results of quality control from the National & Kapodistrinian University of Athens and from Multichrom Lab.

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