Olive Oil

Xρυσαφένιος φυσικός χυμός. H καθαρή, αφοπλιστικά λιτή και μαζί πλούσια γεύση μιας και μόνο σταγόνας ελαιολάδου.

E-LA-WON Traditional

Extra Virgin Olive oil protected from sunlight in order to retain its freshness in an innovative design with tinplate packaging.
Extra virgin olive oil in tinplate can is made from the famous olive variety ‘’Koroneiki’’ and characterized by a light bitterness combined with a strong peppery aftertaste.
Daily Extra virgin olive oil in tinplate can is a perfect choice for everyday use thanks to its balanced bitterness and light peppery aftertaste combined with fruity flavor.
Available in 250ml and 500ml 1L and 4L tin packaging.

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