Olive Oil

Golden natural juice. The clean, disarmingly simple and at the same time rich taste of a single drop of olive oil.

E-LA-WON Super Premium

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made of Agrielia and Botsikolia variety.

Available in a 500ml single glass bottle and in a luxury pachaging.

«Botsikolia» is concidered a valuable subspecies of olive tree that is growing in Ilia region, Greece and has unique properties. It is a neglected, forgotten tree. But the most important fact is that it is the mother plant of the spanish olive tree Arbequina. According to Spanish documents, the tree was imported from Greece to Spain, when Spanish sailors, among them Duke Medinaceli, ferried and planted it, at the county Leida of Catalonia.



E-LA-WON Super Premium is made of Agrielia & Botsikolia

  • High amount of polyphenols(1.318)
  • Low acidity (0,18)
  • Aromas of flowers, artichoke, herbs and almond.
  • Intensely bitter and spicy.

Available in a 500ml single glass bottle & in luxury gift packaging

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