me-Li Orange Blossom Honey

The orange tree is considered to be a spring of nectar. The orange blossom honey entails the aromas and the flavors of the Peloponnese orchards, from Asteri, Lakonia.

Color: Light, bright yellow-orange.
Aroma – Flavor: Intense, vivid aroma of blossoms, very sweet aftertaste of honeycomb.

Nutritional value & other qualitative characteristics:

diminishes the anxiety,
with antioxidant properties,
accommodates the iron absorption
remedy the anemia, the migraine and the gastritis.
Crystallization: Orange blossom honey is crystallized very quickly, in 2-3 months.
Calorific value: 15gr of orange blossom honey contain 49 calories.

Main ingredients:

contains lots of micronutrients and amino acids
very rich in zinc

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