E-LA-WON 3.500 years tradition from the Greek land!

Olive oil. The liquid gold.

The precious natural juice. Clear, pure, rich taste from just one drop…




In search of the taste and quality of olive oil of the past, we produced E-LA-WON, our Prime Green Omphacinum Mycenaean Olive Oil.


a syllabogram  of Mycenaean Linear B’ language which stands for the word olive oil.

Prizes and Awards



an original Greek product travels in every corner of the world.

E-LA-WON, re-Discover Mycenaean olive oil

Nature’s secrets in a bottle. Unleashing the power of well kept  treasures from the Greek tradition can be a feast for our senses.

The package and the name E-La-Won takes us back to the ancient world of Mycenae. The word E-La-Won stands for olive oil in Linear B’ language (1400 BC). Tablets and inscriptions in linear B’ language prove that this word is repeated in everyday life activities, religious ceremonies or commercial exchanges. In the ancient city of Mycenae there was even the oil merchants quarter, “sinoikia lademporou”,  as today’s ruins show.

“And with the sprig of a fruited olive, man is purified in extreme health”

Virgil, Aenead

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